Reimagine the Future in the Connected World

Build your own cloud IoT service with our flexible cloud solution to connect, and modular designs for integrated devices.

Cloud Based IoT Solution

Build your IoT projects based on the latest cloud platforms and technologies

Relying on cloud technology, our solutions include hardware device integration, data gateways, cloud data center and management systems and web API’s. All features are fully customizable to suit any business need.

Modular Structure

Loose coupling and elastic


Designed for adaptability


Easily extended to grow with your business

Light weight

Fitting requirements without redundancy

Easy maintenance

Platform independence, elasticized data bearing pressure

Safe and Reliable

Industrial security measures and practice

Generic Solution Structure

generic solution

Recent Projects by Industries

Solutions that make full use of the IoT for smart management of warehousing, transportation, and improves logistics efficiently and reduces costs dramatically.
Providing the manufacturing industry with energy analysis and optimization. New energy production forecasts, reduced energy consumption, and increased output value.
Bringing IoT technology to traditional agriculture, controlling production through mobile platforms, achieving early awareness, precise operations and efficient management.
We implement real-time anomaly detection for equipment, intelligent fault prediction, life-cycle management and strive to reduce operation and maintenance costs.

Choosing the right solution

To be, or not to be, that is the question
Private Clouds Your personalized platform
The private cloud solution is based on the containerization deployment method and can be run on an internal server or an ordinary cloud server. All data and system control are autonomous.
Customized for individual business needs, flexibility for deeper integration and development
High development cycle and costs
Low cost after deployment
Independent intellectual property rights and software copyrights
Data transmission stability and reliability depending on hardware environment
Data privatization storage
Deploy to the servers that you control
Perfect for professional and large company use
IoT PaaS Integration with IoT Platforms
The PaaS public cloud solution relies on the server providers’ IoT service platform to integrate devices onto these platforms to quickly access IoT cloud services needed.
Compliance with service providers’ protocol and data processing with little flexibility.
Quick development and low cost
Cloud provider generally charge extra for added traffic and additional services
Includes purchased services, with rights of use.
Generally, stability is improved, and PaaS upgrades enhance performance
Includes data in the cloud providers’ system
Relies on cloud providers’ platform
Perfect for small business needs

Recent Projects

Examples of Current Projects