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Hardware Embedded Architecture

Traditional hardware upgrades and integration

We provide completely customizable solutions for all of your business needs. All application scenarios are built to your specifications to optimize energy consumption, stability, security, size, appearance, and scalability.


SMT32 + FreeRTOS: multi-task single chip microcomputer

FreeRTOS is a mini, lightweight, real-time operating system that meets the needs of smaller systems and can be easily ported to various MCU. It is the best companion for the SMT32 series chips.

It can be used to implement data acquisition, data preprocessing, real-time data screen display, operation management, terminal control and control of other related hardware products.

OpenWRT for Embedded Smart Hardware

OpenWRT is a small, embedded open source Linux system. The firmware and running flash can be burned within 4M.

It is compatible with ethernet routers, network gateways, and WiFi.
It's widely applicable to an array of micro-intelligent hardware, as well as upgrades to traditional products such as smart sockets, WiFi smart lights, remote door locks, remote control monitoring, etc.

It also provides excellent support for a variety of microprocessors such as ARM, PowerPC and MIPS.


Android Things for a multi-functional, intelligent terminal

Android Things is Google’s newest IoT operating system. It lets you build smart, connected devices for a wide variety of consumer, retail, and industrial applications.

It allows you to develop apps for your devices with existing Android development tools, APIs, and resources along with new APIs that provide low level I/O and libraries for common components like temperature sensors, display controllers, and more.

These features make it applicable to all areas of IoT, such as smart cities, transportation, smart car networking, logistics and warehousing, agricultural production, industry 4.0, parking lots, etc.

It runs only with the necessary App, which in turn increases speed and requires less hardware than previous Android devices.

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