Big Data Analysis and Computing

Big data mining, analysis and visualization, data computing and machine learning.

Big Data Solution Provider

Every day, tremendous amounts of data are generated by terminals and systems. Data is stored as property, type, date and time. They are then ready for data mining and visualization. Data process and analysis helps to achieve efficient management and brings innovative growth to industries and products.

By utilizing the cloud services and tools, we can create a customized, scalable, modular big data analytics solution based on your business's logistics and requirements.

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Data Collection

Data Acquisition, Crawler, Storage
custom software development

Data Compute

Data Modelling, Data Algorithm, Machine Learning, Data Forecas
big data solutions

Data Operation

Data Alarms, Data Visualization, Overhaul

Main Features

Data Storage
  • Hybrid storage: with related databases, NoSQL, files, etc. we handle the challenge of large workloads and use distributed topology to provide scalability to the cloud.
  • Data sampling: Data is stored in various levels, such as seconds, minutes, hours and days, and oftentimes can be redundant. Different data sources are read at different time spans so that speed and response time can be improved.
Data Analysis
  • Algorithmic abstraction: Separating the business logistics from the algorithm. At the algorithm level, the algorithm can be continuously optimized or added to according to development needs, while not affecting the logic and execution of the services.
  • Diversified analysis: supports various professional tools for data extraction, induction, and modeling, to form valuable data results.
Data Visualization
  • Independent Presentation: our data visualization solution is not only for common reports and charts, it can also be easily integrated into other systems and displayed independently.
  • Unified color standard: a custom color palette based on the platform can be used to create clean and sleek charts and graphics.

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